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First job is to check that you’re eligible for a New Zealand working holiday visa. All good? Awesome. Pay in full online.

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We’ll email you all the forms and guidelines to apply for your visa, checking that everything is correct before you submit it. Visas can take 2-3 weeks to process.

3. Access our Kickstart hub

Visa approved? Fist bumps. We’ll give you access to our Kickstart hub to apply for your New Zealand bank account and set up your IRD (tax) file number. Job done! 

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Work in New Zealand FAQs Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How can I work in New Zealand?

For passport holders who are part of New Zealand’s working holiday visa program, you can apply for a working holiday visa that allows you to work in New Zealand for between 6-23 months – depending on your nationality. Find out if you’re eligible for a visa here.

What’s the age limit for a working holiday in New Zealand?

How do I get a work visa for New Zealand?

How can I get job in New Zealand?

I’m planning on doing a round the world trip. How long do I have before I have to enter New Zealand?

Do I need to be in my home country to apply for a working holiday visa?

How long can I work for one employer for?

What kind of work can I do on a working holiday visa?

How long does it take to get a work visa for New Zealand?

What support funds do I need?

Do many people travel on their own?

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