Traveling in the French Riviera For Families

Traveling in the French Riviera For Families

At first glance, it might appear that the French Riviera only boasts attractions for those that are either single or rich. The prices throughout much of the area also acts as a deterrent for many, as raising kids in this day and age is a much more expensive endeavor than ever, so when they go on holiday, budgets are often very tight.

However, with a bit of creativity (AirBnB, housesitting, etc), one can find a way to visit the region without spending the equivalent of a mortgage payment in hotel costs. Once you are there though, trying to find activities that will entertain and engage your kids may prove to be something of a challenge.

Don’t let this stop you from visiting the region though, as we have come up with attractions that will appeal to your kids in the major centres in the south of France. Without further adieu, here is our guide to the French Riviera for families…


While the beaches in Nice are often lauded for the color of the water offshore, your kids may be less than enthused at the fact that these beaches consist of rocks and pebbles, not fine, loamy sand. If the heat is making your kids prickly and irritated, then spending an afternoon at Judi Togel Aquasplash water park will bring them back to their happy place. With a collection of fun waterslides, and the ever popular water attack cannons at Pirate Island, if they weren’t having fun before, they will after this day.

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Those seeking a more affordable place in the French Riviera may enjoy staying in Marseille, as it lacks the pretense (and the prices that go with it) of Cannes, Nice and Saint-Tropez. Another benefit to staying here lies in the fact that the beaches here are far more kid-friendly.

In this regard, Parc Borély, while still a pebble beach, has a playground and carousel for the little ones, while your teenagers will take to the sand volleyball courts like a shoe to gum (don’t expect to see them again until sunset).


While it may be too much of a hassle (and way too expensive) to visit Cannes during its famed film festival, there are other attractions in the area that make it worth visiting the area regardless. Taking the ferry to Île Sainte-Marguerite from Cannes will take you to the place where the Man in the Iron Mask was jailed centuries ago, granting an element of mystery to the place that your kids will certainly appreciate. Additionally, there are coves around this island that make for excellent snorkeling, so if history doesn’t interest your kids, its underwater nature will.