Things for Kids to do in Kyoto

Things for Kids to do in Kyoto

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Taking your family on a tour of Japan and have no idea what to do outside of Tokyo? This post is packed with things for kids to do in Kyoto, so that your trip to this part of the country will be an interesting one.

1. Nijo Castle

While many of the temples can get monotonous for children with short attention spans, places like Nijo Castle make for a rare blend of cultural nourishment for you and the other adults in your group, and a bountiful sources of wonder for your inquisitive kids.

With soaring arches, a floor that ‘chirps’ that was to alert the shogun of days past that intruders were incoming, and lush gardens, this will prove to be a stop that everyone involved will enjoy.

2. Toei Uzumasa Eigamura (Movie Village)

Toei Uzumasa Eigamura

If your kids have seen kung fu flicks either in their cartoons or in theatres, they will thoroughly love a visit to Toei Uzumasa Eigamura.

Known in English as Movie Village, this open air sound stage / tourist attraction is where many samurai movies and Japanese traditional dramas are filmed.

As a result, you and your kids will be able to watch as these exciting productions are shot before your eyes, but even if no scenes are being done while you are there, there is still plenty to do.

Movie Village doubles as a living history museum, allowing you to observe actors and actresses carrying on with their day as their ancestors did many centuries ago, and live ninja shows will give your excitable offspring a chance at seeing these mystical warriors in action

3. Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum

If you are willing to take a day trip that will transport you two hours from Kyoto’s core, getting to see the Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum will be your reward.

A house packed with secret passages, hiding places for ninja weaponry, and traps for unexpected guests will be revealed to you over your visit, making the time you invest getting here well worth it.

4. Arashiyama Monkey Park

Arashiyama Monkey Park

We don’t know what it is, but there’s some about children that can’t help but be amused at the sight of monkeys.

You’ll find plenty of simians native to this part of Japan at the Arashiyama Monkey Park, which can be found on the outskirts of the city of Kyoto.

Set on a hill, this verdant park is well-populated by macaques that are used to the presence of humans, and crave whatever food you have.

As a result, be careful with consumables that you don’t want liberated from you, as these guys won’t hesitate to grab whatever you have.