Things for Kids to do in Lisbon, Portugal

Things for Kids to do in Lisbon, Portugal

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Portugal is a beautiful country that is located in Europe. Over the year it has radically changed and has managed to acquire a large amount of wealth. The country is well known for its culture, historical monuments and architectural designs.

It has also become an ideal tourist destination. Portugal receives thousands and thousands of tourists from all around the world annually who are ready to take advantage and explore what it has to offer. The city has multiple places to visit and things to do with kids that are also assured to entertain you in the process. Travelling with kids requires advance planning so that the trip is as smooth as possible.

The Lisbon Oceanarium is one place that you cannot afford not to go to. It is home to several creatures and fish that live in the sea and oceans, particularly sharks. It has 15 of the 400 species of sharks that are known to exist. You can book a sleepover at the premise and get to learn a lot about mans fiercest enemies in the water.

It offers an enjoyable experience and gives visitors the chance to see up close more than 100 different species of mammals, invertebrates, plants, birds and fish. During the weekends there is a show that features a Maestro and the sea creatures that is guaranteed to amuse young children of up to the age of 3. You should book in advance so that your kids get to see the show.

The city also has several museums that have several things and pieces that are fascinating and mind-blowing. The museu das criancas is a museum that is perfect for kids. It is organized into rooms that each have a central activity.

The staff is helpful and friendly. They will help you out whenever you get stuck or if you need something translated because the explanations of everything is in Portuguese, but fortunately many of the activities and things are self explanatory. Other museums that are also worth visiting are the museu de carris, museu das communicacoes and the museu da electricidade.

Parque Florestal de Monsanto is a huge park which is located near downtown Lisbon. It is strategically placed and this makes it easily accessible from different directions via bus. There are several facilities that are located in the park which make it ideal for children. These include a children’s area, a restaurant, a botanical garden and a horse riding centre.