Steppin’ Out on New York’s Fifth Avenue

Steppin' Out on New York's Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is famous for housing the rich, providing expensive yet luxurious living, and for being the place where high-end businesses gather to sell their extravagant items; but in this day and age, it allows people outside of the rich and famous circles to see the wonderful Central Park and explore what this esteemed location has for people to do.

One doesn’t need to have hundreds of dollars available in order to enjoy a day out. Food on Fifth Avenue can be high-end and highly priced, or it can be great value for money. The street is lined with Starbucks locations, hot dog stands, pretzel venders, and just about every other popular fast food chain. It’s not hard to find a satisfying feed that is both nutritious and delicious for fewer than five dollars per person. In the Big Apple, that’s a steal.

As is the case with most areas of New York City, shopping is never hard to find. Stores can sell anything from designer clothes and accessories, to cheap and cheerful tourist related goods, to Broadway and New York City merchandise. It gives people the option to buy something for themselves and for any special people back home.

Walking down Fifth Avenue is an iconic activity. Fifth Avenue is steeped in history and anecdotes and a fascinating past enshrouds this seemingly magical location. For those who visit New York City for the first time, it’s an emotional experience, because connections to things seen on television or in movies are made, and people reminisce on the personal significance they share with this part of the world.

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Fifth Avenue happens to be the location of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, called the ‘Met’ by locals and frequent visitors. It’s impossible to see everything within the Met in one day and fully enjoy it. There are three floors in the building, each packed with exhibits and amazing collections. What visitors are astonished by is the fact that only 10% of the Met’s collection is available for viewing at any given time, in addition to long term loans from other museums and countries worldwide. Some of the most extensive topical collections are on show at the Met, making them a world leader in Ancient Egypt, European and Medieval Artworks, Musical Instruments, and Sculpture. The list of their acquired artifacts goes on and on, but the only way to truly appreciate this wonderful museum is to visit.

Fifth Avenue is full of culture, entertainment for the whole family, and less than expensive things to do, to eat and to enjoy. If one’s in the area, pay Fifth Avenue a visit.