Iceland For Kids: Top Highlights For The Young

Iceland For Kids: Top Highlights For The Young

Iceland has long been a source of longing for many travelers the world over. For those that have kids though, there is a concern that many of the things that might appeal to an adult might bore the heck out of their offspring.

However, there are many things in Iceland for kids, and this article endeavors to uncover several attractions that will have them raving to their peers about this place when you return from this momentous holiday…

  1. Check out the Reykjavik Zoo

If you only have time for a small attraction to settle down the kids in your first couple of jet lagged days in Iceland, make the Reykjavik Zoo one of your standby go-tos. Far from being a typical experience that you might expect at home, this conservation minded facility is mostly home to animal species that call Iceland home.

From wild ponies to reindeer, your children will get a kick out of seeing the mammals that call this harsh land home, thereby taking the pressure off to spot something during your adventures outside the capital of Reykjavik.

  1. Witness the power of the Great Geysir

When you are circuiting the island on your grand tour of Iceland’s many natural wonders, you and your kids will see many amazing waterfalls, glaciers, and lofty mountain peaks. However, no phenomenon of nature is quite as mindblowing for children then seeing a massive spout of steaming hot water shooting skyward with little warning.

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The best place to witness this is at Great Geysir, where these explosions go off on a relatively predictable schedule. Be sure to have a camera so you can film your kid’s reactions in addition to the geyser itself!

  1. Ride some Icelandic ponies

Being one of the most photogenic breed of horses in the world, the Icelandic breed will captivate your children at first sight, making it inevitable that a riding session will happen shortly thereafter. There are many well-trained guides that will be willing to give your older kids an experience that they won’t be able to stop talking about to all their friends once they get home.

  1. Go to the Blue Lagoon

We couldn’t end this article without mentioning one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire country – the Blue Lagoon. From the glowing blue shade of its waters, to the toasty temperatures contained within, your little ones with be transfixed with this magical place. The biggest risk of going here will be prying your kids out of the water when it is time to go back to the hotel…!