Best Games To Play With The Kids On A Long Road Trip

Best Games To Play With The Kids On A Long Road Trip

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So you decided to include the kids into your vacation plans this year; you are planning to break in that new car for your road trip although it may be less enjoyable for both you and your family (especially your kids) when driving on highways that offer no visual stimulation at all. When going on a long road trip it may be a good idea to bring along some games to pass the time. Here are some of the best games to play with the kids on a long road trip.

Counting animal life is a great game for kids when driving through some deserted towns with the only signs of life showing through the farm animals you see. Whenever your child sees a specific animal they put a tally mark on a score sheet. You can make it more interesting by having them tell a fact or something interesting about that animal when they see it. This game may be quite simple and kids can get bored easily; change it up by providing your kids with a challenge such as limiting the types of animals they can put on their score sheets.

The license plate game has been a family favorite for decades when going on a long trip. Everyone can play this game regardless of age. Make a list of all the states that have license plates (if you live outside of the US make a list of all the areas or regions that have license plates in your country and use those to compile your list). Each person takes a turn; when they see a license plate from a state that hasn’t been seen, they mark it down and get one point. Set a time limit so if they can’t find a new license plate they are forced to pass to the next person and will forfeit that point. This has been a long-time favorite of family road trips and definitely tops the list of the best games to play with the kids on a long road trip.

Another game that is less-known is the unknown star game. This is a great game where everyone, even the driver, can play. Someone will start by thinking of a famous person or movie. The other people in the car take turns to ask one question about the movie or the person. The person who chose the famous person can only answer questions with a yes or no. Those playing the game can start to render a guess from these yes or no answers. When someone thinks they know the answer, they can reveal their answer; if they are wrong they are done with that specific round of the game. Aside from famous people you can also use animals, cars, and even well-known places.

You can make up your own games to play and add them to your own list of best games to play with the kids on a long road trip. Cater these games to fit your family and modify them to fit the age ranges of the kids that are playing. This will definitely pass the time making your road trip a lot more bearable.