Ideas for a Day at the Beach

Ideas for a Day at the Beach

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Depending upon the age of the children there are many things that kids can enjoy at the beach. Building sandcastles and looking for seashells are two of the regular time honored beach traditions. Games that can be played at the beach include Frisbee, volleyball and badminton.

Children enjoy swimming and snorkeling and even the smallest of kids learn how to snorkel with ease. Many beaches offer kayak rentals and children will enjoy learning how to paddle under adult supervision. Learning how to windsurf is something that older children can learn. Strangely, children have a way of learning how to adapt to standing on the board much easier than most adults do.

You can collect shells and starfish for projects that you can do at home later too. Kids love to do arts and crafts things. Shells can be used to make necklaces and children can even learn about how shells are created and be part of a science project.

Small animals like crabs can be investigated and be part of a learning experience for kids who are old enough to understand a little bit about their environment. Horseshoe crabs, for example, have been around in many forms for millions of years. They are like living dinosaurs.

For the youngest children, pack some of their favorite toys and invite them to place toy soldiers around the sandcastles that they build. Add a moat, a drawbridge, perhaps concocted from some sticks or large shells, and allow them to use their imaginations to have fun and create memories.

Pack some kites and let the kids take advantage of the sea breezes to learn how to fly a kite in a place where there are no power lines and things to interfere with the experience Dig a deep spot up higher on the beach so that when the tide comes pushing waves in, a small pool will be created that your little one can enjoy as if it is their own private swimming hole.

Whatever you do, make sure that you apply plenty of sunscreen. Children get sunburned really easily. The salt water will wash away sunscreen easily so be sure to reapply it at regular intervals. Take plenty of water and food for the kids. It is important that they eat and stay hydrated while playing in the outdoors. Nothing will make them crankier faster than not having plenty of snacks. A blanket and shade for naps and you are totally in business.