Top Highlights Of A Family Vacation In New Brunswick

Top Highlights Of A Family Vacation In New Brunswick

Underrated and unappreciated by the travel press, the Canadian province of New Brunswick has much to offer travelling families. From cute resort towns to the warmest ocean water north of Virginia, there is much to see and do on a holiday here.

Before we run down all the amazing attractions we can be found here, though, we just want to take a minute to talk about a major issue affecting all of Canada in 2018. Marijuana is set to become legal for sale across the country starting July 1. If you currently consume marijuana to treat a physical or mental ailment, don’t bring your herb across the border, as this may lead to issues.

Instead, buy from a provider within New Brunswick. Many have had their license to grow medical cannabis for several years, as weed has been legal for treatment purposes over this period. Just be sure to consume it outside areas where people congregate, as smoking ‘Mary Jane’ has been banned in public places.

With that covered, let’s talk about the places where you should take your kids on a family vacation in New Brunswick.

St. Andrews by the Sea

A charming village situated on the Bay of Fundy, you will wonder why you haven’t heard of St. Andrews before your visit. If you have the money, book a stay at the historic Algonquin, as this luxury hotel has hosted blue-blooded vacationers in previous generations.

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Even if you are limited to a normal motel or campsite, there is plenty of activities to make your visit here an amazing one. Whale watching tours will put you in touch with the gentle giants of the sea, while the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre will teach your children about the local ecology of the area, and how to make things like pottery.

Hopewell Rocks

Learn about the awesome power of the Bay of Fundy by paying a visit to the Hopewell Rocks. Twice per day, the level of the ocean rises and falls by approximately 30 feet. This phenomenon has carved the sandstone cliffs in the area over millions of years, producing sea stacks known as the Flower Pots, or the Hopewell Rocks.

Enjoy your time exploring exposed sea floor and pondering the existence of the rock formations, but watch out for the tide when it is scheduled to roll back in, as it does so with frightening speed.

Magic Mountain

Summers in New Brunswick can become uncomfortably hot at times. Thankfully, the presence of Magic Mountain in Moncton makes it easy to beat the heat while having fun at the same time.

The largest amusement park in Atlantic Canada, it is home to a series of water slides that run the gamut from mild to wild, a wave pool which can kick out six-foot high waves, and hot tubs for those looking unwind and relax.

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The fun doesn’t have to stop when you get out of the water either, as there is a section that offers mini golf and arcade games.