Enjoy a Norwegian Honeymoon

Enjoy a Norwegian Honeymoon

Despite the expense of traveling in Norway, the cost is well worth it, as this nation has some of the most gorgeous natural assets in the world, in addition to cultural treasures that are beginning to get noticed by travel professionals in recent years.

If you are wondering about planning travel to this country after your wedding in 2015, here are some options for a Norwegian honeymoon that will give the best trip per dollar spent.

Getting hitched during the winter? Check out the Northern Lights in Tromsø

While many folks prefer to do the deed during the summer when the weather is warmer and everyone is on holiday, others are inexorably attracted to the sublime beauty of winter. In keeping with these desires, Norway stands as one of the world’s best winter travel destinations, as the long hours of darkness throughout this season and its northerly position above 60 degrees north latitude makes it possible to see the Northern Lights with greater reliability than in more southern lands.

Tromsø is in the midst of one of the best places on Earth to see this modern wonder, as the milder temperatures of Norway’s oceanic climate and cosy, romantic cottages and inns will allow you to experience Aurora Borealis in comfort and luxury.

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Cruise its fjords all the way up the coast

For the rest of us, Norway has even more alluring attractions in store when the everlasting light of the Midnight Sun smiles upon this ridiculously beautiful Nordic country. One of Norway’s best natural features are their fjords, which are ocean inlets that formed when the glaciers from the last ice age carved out valleys from the mountains that define much of this nation’s coast.

The best way to experience them is to go on a cruise, which take you on a week long adventure through these channels that host cute villages, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and monuments from the ancient Viking civilization.

When you aren’t gawking at the scenery or taking in the settlements during shore excursions, luxurious dining, engaging Slot Online entertainment, and posh staterooms will give you a honeymoon that will live on in your memory for decades to come.

Stroll amidst the multi-colored houses of Bergen

While the small towns in the fijords are charming and well worth a visit, you’ll also want to spend a decent amount of time in the postcard perfect city of Bergen. The Bryggen on its picturesque waterfront has been recognized by UNESCO for its cultural significance, as these delightfully painted shophouses that once played a big role in the port trade now house exclusive restaurants, boutiques, and museums.

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Couples that love photography will want to head up to the top of the edge of the local fjord to get some killer photos of the city below, while those that appreciate culture will want to take in a performance by the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, which is one of the oldest of its kind in the world.