Children Museums Well Worth The Visit

Children Museums Well Worth The Visit

Looking for a rainy day attraction that will keep your kids occupied on your travels around the world?

There are numerous children museums around the world that are well worth a visit. Below, we’ll go over four outstanding institutions…

1. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Those looking for the biggest children’s institution in the world will find it in the good ole USA, as the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the owner of this distinction.

Visited by over a million people annually, its 120,000 artifacts are categorized and separated into three sections: Americana, culture, and the natural world.

While there are numerous noteworthy exhibits in this structure, Dino fans should not miss the Cretaceous dinosaur habitat, as it simulates how life was for everybody’s favorite lizards during that period of Earth’s history.

2. THEMUSEUM (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Across the border in Canada, Kitchener, Ontario is home to an interactive museum that will keep creative kids busy from opening to closing hours.

From TotSpot, which helps those from 0-4 years of age explore their senses through interactive stimuli opportunities, to the virtual graffiti wall, where can use a light powered “spray can” to create magnificent masterpieces.

Don’t miss the walking piano either, as the music you can create with your feet will bring joy to the faces of you and your kids.

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3. Eureka! (Halifax, England)

Located in Halifax is West Yorkshire, Eureka! is an interactive education museum that encourages learning about science through hands-on learning.

It features four galleries that focus on health and the human body, living in a model town, gardens featuring habitats from around the world, and the world of sound and music.

Two additional exhibits are aimed at toddlers, and the exterior features a sand-filled area known as the beach, as well as an outdoor trail with exhibits that seek to teach youth about their senses.

4. Junibacken (Stockholm, Sweden)

Those that are including Sweden in their travel plans may want to plan an afternoon at Junibacken SGP Totobet, which is one of the more highly regarded children’s museum in Scandinavia.

With art and design inspired by one of Sweden’s best known children authors, this attraction is also home to the country’s largest children’s bookstore to boot.

The central attraction within the museum is the story train, which takes you through the stories of Astrid Lindgren, which includes a stop in the world of Pippi Longstocking, a character that many parents outside of Sweden are familiar with from their childhood.