Best First Class Flights for Honeymooners

Best First Class Flights for Honeymooners

The bouquet has been tossed, as has the garter. With the last guests leaving your reception, your honeymoon lays dead ahead. Only a flight stand between you and that dreamy tropical beach the teo of you have dreamed of strolling together for months.

However, the journey can be the beginning of your honeymoon, not the final hurdle to get over on your way to it. The following airlines offer first class flights that are perfect for freshly married couples, so if you can book any of these airlines, strongly recommend that you take the plunge and do it!

Singapore Airlines

Leave it to Singapore to get something right, and they’ll exceed your expectations almost every time. When it comes to a first class section suitable for newlyweds, this widely lauded airline tops our list with a self-contained cabin with sliding doors … just as if you were in first class on a sleeper train.

While many airlines are busy patting themselves on the back for instituting lie flat seats in their planes, Singapore Airlines leapfrogged them by putting an actual bed in their client’s private spaces. In addition to this, their food offerings include fine dishes like waygu sirloin, and they have multiple varietals of champagne and vintage wines as well … we’ll be booking out tickets now, if you’ll excuse us!

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Emirates Airlines

Being the flag ship carrier of Dubai, Emirates has made a habit of emulating the nation state that it presents, striving to offer the best infrastructure and services in the world. Like Singapore Airlines, their first class seating is located in a private cabana, but Emirates has distinguished itself by equipping theirs with a fully-stocked minibar, along with a vanity where you can ensure that you are looking your best, even at 38,000 feet.

The highlight of any Emirates first class adventure though is certainly their brand new shower spas, which treats you to five minutes of pure ecstasy in a place that you would least expect to have the pleasure of multiple jets of hot water at your disposal.

Air France

If Paris is your destination of your honeymoon, how appropriate it would be to fly first class on Air France as part of the opening act of your romantic holiday? Among European carriers, its first class offerings stand out, as it has lie flat seats that adjust to the curvature of your body and a wardrobe to store a change of clothes for your arrival in the City of Lights.

As well, your taste buds will be well catered for on this comfortable trans-Atlantic journey, as a team of Michelin-ranked French chefs have designed a menu that will make you gag at any other airline meal that you are served from this point forward.

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