Top Beaches In The U.S For Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Top Beaches In The U.S For Beach Cruiser Bicycles

Beach cruiser bicycles are one of the best ways to enjoy a day at the beach. Beyond the sun, surf and tan, getting around a beach is much easier with a cruiser bicycle. They’re equipped to get through the sand and make getting around larger beaches much simpler as opposed to having to walk everywhere. And there’s definitely no shortage of places to take beach cruiser bicycles to as there are numerous beaches in the United States. From coast to coast, there are many beach paradises that would be perfect for a beach cruiser outing. Here are five of the best:

  1. Venice Beach, California

Venice beach is one of the most famous beaches in America, and for good reason. It is a popular tourist destination for people visiting California and is known as a popular multicultural meeting hub. Beyond its amazing beachfront and ocean view, Venice beach also boasts of its famous Broadwalk, its volleyball courts, basketball courts as well as its muscle beach and skate park. It’s the ultimate surfer’s paradise and a great place ride around in. The appeal of Venice beach is that it has so much to see and do.

  1. Miami Beach, Miami

When most think of Miami, they think of yacht parties, amazing nightlife, great restaurants and the beach. Miami is world-famous for its beaches and is a must-visit for those looking for a tropical paradise experience. It is also a great place to take out beach cruiser bicycles. This is because firstly, there is such an already developed biking culture at Miami Beach and so there are tonnes of resources already in place and other bicycle users on around. Miami Beach also comes with a lot of attractions such as the resort itself, cultural shows such as Art Basel and its flourishing art scene. After purchasing beach cruiser bicycles, Miami Beach is one of the best places to visit.

  1. Santa Monica Beach, California
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Another Californian beach on the lost is this famed Beach. Often seen as the quintessential Californian beach, it offers a wide variety of activities. The beach itself is quite large at 3.5 miles and is in close proximity to a lot of local shops and restaurants. One of its most famous attractions is the Santa Monica pier with its legendary amusement park. Santa Monica also has facilities designed to cater to beach cruiser bicycles. The paths to the Beach are paved and well illuminated and so it’ll be easy to take your cruiser bicycle there whether it’s during the day or later at night depending on your own preferences.

The best way to get a good experience out of using beach cruiser bicycles is to ride the bicycle at a beach that accommodates it. There are a lot of beaches in America to discover, and these are three of the best. This means well-lit and well-paved paths, great activities to occupy your time and great places to actually ride the bike. With the proper location, taking your crisper bicycle out will be an enjoyable experience.