Things To Do In Bodrum

Things To Do In Bodrum

A holiday to Bodrum is a chance to get to know the authentic side of Turkey – and what an experience awaits!

For starters, the Bodrum peninsula is a beautiful spot that’s home to numerous beach resorts, including the non-stop nightlife of Gumbet and the lovely sweeping bays of Bitez. The town of Bodrum doesn’t have its own beach, but you’re never too far from a stretch of golden sand or a bubbly holiday resort should you fancy a day by the seaside.

So, down to business. Bodrum is home to a labyrinth of winding streets and bustling markets, which certainly places the focus on Turkey’s heritage and captivating culture. A blend of east and west, Bodrum serves up a vibrant atmosphere that’s home to buzzing bazaars, authentic restaurants and sizzling food stalls, and a spectacular castle that rises loftily above the town from its rocky outcrop.

Bodrum Castle dates back to 1402, the days of the crusades, and makes for a fascinating visit. Step inside its cool interior and explore its solid walls and ancient fortifications. You’ll also find a wonderful museum inside the castle which is dedicated to underwater finds and lost treasures from ancient shipwrecks. The Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology proudly hosts a collection of finds from ships wrecked off the Bodrum coast hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Some treasures date back to Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine times, along with some rare pieces from the Bronze Age.

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Head into Bodrum’s old town and explore its maze-like streets, where you can even sink into a hamam – a Turkish bath – for a relaxing spa-like experience. By night, Bodrum comes alive with a buzzing vibe from its pubs, bars Slot Joker and popular open-air venues – so why not soak up the atmosphere and enjoy a sundowner or two under the stars?

A holiday in Bodrum is alive with new experiences that are worlds away from your average beach break. When will you discover this captivating slice of Turkish life?