Fun for the Family in Dallas, Texas

Fun for the Family in Dallas, Texas

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Whether you are moving to Dallas Texas or you are just planning a vacation, it is a family fun and friendly city that you are going to love. It is a very culturally diverse location that has something for everyone. It is a place unlike any other you will ever visit.

Dallas is a great place to travel if you are trying to maintain a budget as well. There is a lot of fun to be had, and a lot of the things that you can do are free! It is a city waiting to be discovered.

You can take the kids on the miniature railroad train ride through Forest Park, or visit the Dallas Zoo. There are trolleys that are heated and air conditioned to ride through the breathtaking downtown areas. Though the train ride is a small fee, the trolleys are 100% free.

You cannot go to Dallas without going to see fountain plaza. It is an amazing display to say the very least. That as well as the water gardens is totally free, and it is a once in a life time experience.

The arts and the culture in Dallas are quite amazing as well. The African Museum is a must go to location while you are there. The Arlington Museum of Art and the Amon Carter Museum are also fantastic spots that you cannot go to Dallas without exploring. These locations won’t cost a dime to visit, and it will provide many great memories.

If you like theatre the Irving Arts Center and the Junior Players programs are free to attend as is the MortMorton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. There are sculpture centers and even The Cowboys Hall of Fame. The list of amazing free to low cost evens in the area is endless.

Dining and night life is pretty amazing too. Dallas is home to some of the best culinary schools in the world, so the restaurants have some pretty impeccable cooks on staff.

There is fun and games for the whole family. Places like The Tubes won’t cost anything and the kids will love it The Texas Civil War Museum is affordably priced, and that is not even mentioning the amazing finds that you will stumble upon yourself. Dallas is a great city with lots to offer and it is waiting on you to come find your happy place.